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this is mai honey blanania

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Anonymous asked: yooo I like you orage you are a nice one :)

Awww I like you too platonically sir-grayshades!

Anonymous asked: Just thought you should know that I actually have a teeny version of the picture that you drew of Gray and Lyon figure skating in my binder. Whenever I'm bummed out or stressed about school, I look at it, laugh a little, and feel better :3

And I rly feel better after reading nice messages like this ;w;

that-one-shipper-girl asked: Do you have a twitter RP account? Just asking because the other day, I saw a Meredy trying to find an active Lyon to ship with, and it made me wonder if you even RPed.

Nope ! I only have a personal twitter account :) The only time I RPed was back then in livejournal, and in a different fandom !

awesomeperson2442 asked: I love u and ur waifu's new icons

Yess it’s truly a wonderful gift from mai honey (´▽`)

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Anonymous asked: What do you think of StingYu x Rogura ot4 ~ ?

whops i think there’s a mix up


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Anonymous asked: Can you please draw ichiya's handsome dreamer face please


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Anonymous asked: hai hai! anon-chan that requested more edo lyredy! just wanted to say tysm so posting that it really made my day! /)-(\ too shy to come out of anon but just wanted to say ily and your acct okay bai


hahaha np anon-chan !

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Anonymous asked: Dear Coolest Kahel! <3 hellurrr! Share ko lang also that whenever I make kita some miraxus wedding art in tumblr, I always make realize na they're so katulad Papa Doug Kramer and Hot Mama Chesca Garcia. Like Laxus is so macho and pogi like Papa Doug and Mira is a maliit na babae who looks like a manika! Sobrang grabacious lang sa ganda si Mira di na makatarungan <3 and I'm so sigurado that Laxus and Mira will make gawa lots of babies na saksakan ng ganda. Bawal ang pangit! Team Dreyar FTW! <3

Nakakaaliw talaga ang mga asks mo conyo anon <3



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